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Policy For Conducting Board Meetings


  1. Meetings of the Board, as well as meeting of those committees by the Board, shall be conducted in accordance with those sections and parts of the Ralph M. Brown Act and the Fire Protection District Law of 1987 which might apply.
  2. The agenda of all regular Board meetings shall contain an opportunity for the public to make comments to the Board on any items of interest or concern.
  3. The Board will normally allow a limited amount of time for any member of the public to make oral comments relative to the specific agenda items for action prior to action being taken.
  4. Meetings of the Board shall conducted by the Chairperson in a manner consistent with the adopted rules below. In the event as issue, point of order, or question arises which is not covered within the scope of the rules adopted by the Board, not covered by the Brown Act or not covered within the Fire Protection District Law of 1987, the Chairperson shall rule on the point of order, issue or question.
  5. Questions pertaining to a Director's right to vote on items because of the potential Conflict of Interest shall be decided as follows:
    1. A Director disqualifies him/herself
    2. The Chair disqualifies the Director to vote
  6. Should any Director be disqualified from voting or be overruled on a point of order by the Chair, he/she may move to appeal the ruling to the full board. The Chairperson has the right to vote on the appeal and a majority vote of the Board overrules the Chairperson. A tie vote sustains the ruling of the Chair. in either case, the minutes shall reflect why a Director was disqualified to vote.
  7. There must be a quorum of three members present to conduct business.
    • A majority vote means three affirmative votes.
    • A two-thirds mean four affirmative votes.
    • A unanimous vote means five affirmative votes.

 Board Meeting Conduct

1.     Any action taken by the Board shall be initiated by a motion, introduction of a resolution or introduction of an ordinance. The Chairperson shall be allowed to make the motions.

2.     The recording secretary shall document the names of those who make motions and second motions in the minutes.

3.     Once the Chair calls for remarks on a motion, the maker of the motion is entitled to speak first. Speakers shall be recognized by the Chair before making their remarks.

4.     Secondary motions pertaining to the main motion may be introduced before the main motion is voted. The last motion stated shall be the first pending motion and the main motion shall be voted upon last.

5.     A motion to amend must have the approval of the person making the original motion or a majority vote of the Board.

6.     An amendment to a motion may only be amended once.

7.     To be deemed an official action of the Board, all action items must receive a majority vote of the elected number of Directors serving on the Board.

EXCEPTIONS: Motions requiring a two-thirds (super-majority) vote to pass:

a.     Motion to adopt or amend any policy.

b.    Motion to suspend or amend any rule.

c.     Motion to reconsider a previously considered motion.

d.    Motions requiring a unanimous vote to pass.

e.     Motion to discontinue or transfer funds designated as Capital Outlay reserves.

8.     Except in the case of specific agenda items requiring a noticed public hearing, the Board may reconsider any vote taken at the same session to correct inadvertent error or consider new information not available at the time of vote. A motion to reconsider must receive a majority vote prior to a motion being reconsidered.

9.     The Board may rescind, repeal, or annul actions taken at previous meetings by:

a.     Passing a motion to place the item on a future agenda.

b.     Passing the motion to rescind, repeal or annul with the appropriate number of votes.

10.  The recording secretary shall record votes by name on each motion. If the vote is unanimous, the secretary will document the vote as being unanimous.

    Policy for Conducting Board Meetings
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